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Aligning the Body through Structural Stress Analysis

From the very start of my chiropractic experience, I have loved the energetic movement of aligning the body. I believe this is best done for most people by gently urging the physical body to a place of original perfection. We have a continual stream of things happening at once. These things are emotional, mental, physical, and chemical and they deeply influence our day to day living.
During our work together, I will seek to find out which of these aspects are negatively influencing your body and help to rebalance you in order of priority. If you have a biochemical imbalance, you will probably not hold an adjustment very long or well. If there is scar tissue creating energy blockage around vital organ tissue you may experience discomfort such as indigestion, painful menstrual cycles or decreased range of motion when moving your arms, or looking over your shoulder to check your blind spot while driving.

Cool Tools
To help your body heal and stay aligned, I use hand-held equipment that works very deeply. Working with your body’s stored patterns of injury is a winning approach. The tools used are the cold laser, the percussor, and the adjuster.

The Cold Laser
The cold laser is the most profound instrument that I have found. Its purpose is to biomodulate tissue, that is bring tissue back to a place of balance. Research has shown that every cellular function has an energetic frequency ranging between 630-640 nanometers when measured. The cold laser is set at 635 nanometers making it powerful in the restoration of muscle, bone, and nerve tissue to its natural state.

The Percussor
The percussor comes from the osteopathic profession and gently releases adhesions, loosens scar tissue, adjusts cranial sutures and generally feels great. I also utilize the percussor to release torsion patterns in the Dura (the protective covering for our brain and spinal cord). This allows better spinal function to remain in place.

The Adjuster
Using the adjustor allows me to gently and specifically adjust bones, typically while seated, without using rotation or creating some of the noises normally heard with traditional chiropractic adjustment.

Cranial Work
The gently rounded plates that form our skulls are joined together at sutures, or long squiggly looking joints. I delicately realign these joints and plates as needed during our visits.
Also used are padded triangular blocks to adjust your pelvis, and I use my hands to move tissue, feel tissue, monitor changes happening in tissue and adjust cranial bones and cranial sutures. Color glasses and tuning forks can be used for more subtle energy movement; an example would be tuning forks placed on acupuncture points to balance energy in the meridian system.

So, how often will I need to come for these sessions?
The amount of past injury and scar tissue will help determine that answer. I generally see people once a week for a period of time specific to you. If you’ve had a recent auto accident, I will probably want to see you twice a week for the first several visits. As your body starts to hold the adjustment work, we will see each other less often. My goal is to help heal yourself.

Dr. Lightfoot provides the following services:
-CRA -Applied Kinesiology
-Muscle Testing
-Cranial Sacral Work
-Low Force Adjusting
-Activator Technique
-Infant/Child Adjusting
-Advanced Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Damien Chaisson provides the following services:
-Myofascial Release
-Compression Therapy
-Low Level Infrared Laser
-PNF/PIR Stretching
-Manual and Instrument Assisted Adjusting
-Muscle Stripping

We also offer various therapeutic modalities:
-Pneumatic Compression

We also sell a variety of supplements and nutritional and exercise supplies.

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